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Kotohomes Mobile enables consumers to swipe right and left to favorite and discard listings; and to socially recommend, share and comment on listings with our private microsocial functions. Real estate agents participate in the conversation, build relationships socially, showcase listings, and expand networking opportunities.

Kotohomes Mobile is the real estate dating app, with friends and family benefits!

June 26, 2024, New York, NY – Kotohomes today announced the launch of Kotohomes Mobile, the dating app for real estate with integrated social features for friends and family to make recommendations, share listings, keep notes, converse/collaborate and upload and share photos.

Swiping right or left facilitates the process of elimination, where buyers swipe to sort listings into favorites or discard listings from view. Kotohomes Mobile delivers on the promise that home hunting is better with friends.

“Finding a home is typically a collaboration process amongst family and friends, and we are especially pleased that our new Kotohomes Mobile app facilitates this process. If a home doesn’t suit your needs, veto it and never worry about seeing it again. Curate and privately share your own short list of the homes you really love,“ said Terry Smith, CTO and co-founder of Kotohomes.

Kotohomes matches real estate agents to buyers and sellers who are seeking expert guidance. Real estate agents can be invited to join each friends and family group’s exclusive social shared space. Real estate agents can issue invitations to their clients, who then can invite families and friends. Kotohomes Mobile facilitates better communication, extends networking, and delivers valuable insights.

While the app is free to all users, including real estate agents, agents who choose to partner with Kotohomes will find affordable flat rate fees, receive more highly qualified leads from their chosen geographies, and increase the value proposition for their selling clients by showcasing homes in the Kotohomes Mobile’s social stream, targeted by geography, to active real estate purchasing intenders.

Kotohomes Mobile provides organic networking opportunities for real estate agents to get to know others in micro-social spaces, and an opportunity to truly hear and see feedback in real time. Participating real estate agents might compare their Kotohomes Mobile experience to overhearing their client conversations while driving the car to showings.

About Kotohomes and Kotohomes Mobile

Our team is well versed in real estate and search technology, and the holders of search technology patents. A Visionary Foundry Company startup, we partner with many of the biggest local news and information sites such as newspapers to help serve their audiences. Kotohomes is a network of over 400 hyperlocal real estate sites. Kotohomes Mobile is the dating app for real estate and a micro-social app, better enabling the collaboration process of finding and/or selling a home. We actively support and appreciate real estate agents for their invaluable guidance and professionalism. Find us at,, and reach us at or 212-982-9887.