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Welcome to KotoHomes!

A Visionary Foundary company, KotoHomes is a hyperlocal real estate portal dedicated to helping users find everything they need for their next home, including real estate and services professionals who can guide, facilitate and expedite the process. In partnership with the local media such as newspapers, tv and radio, KotoHomes combines the best in local home search and information.

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Brought to you by the Enclosure team, KotoHomes leverages the powerful lead delivery engine of our flagship real estate product, in a lighter form. In partnership with the newspapers, tv, radio, and other local publishers, KotoHomes is a plug-and-play, prebuilt implementation that focuses on local audiences and the users who rely on local media for news, information and entertainment. The KotoHomes team does the work of implementation, driving audiences, and monetization on behalf of the partnership.


Press Release 7/30/2020

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